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Mosuk Chow

Research Professor of Statistics; Director of M.A.S. Program
Mosuk Chow


Mosuk Chow is a Research Professor of Statistics at Penn State.

Chow received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Cornell University in 1983. She received her M.S. in Statistics from Cornell University in 1981 and a B.S. in Mathematics from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1978.

Her areas of research interest include biostatistics, statistical decision theory and sampling methods. She has publications in the field of statistical decision theory, Bayesian methods, Estimation, Sampling and also collaborates extensively with clinical researchers. Chow's work in decision theory involves finding necessary conditions for optimal procedures for estimation problems arising from biology, genetics and fishery.

She has been the program director for the Master of Applied Statistics, both at University Park campus and online, at Penn State University for over ten years. The program has trained many students for data analytic roles in industry. She has served as the Co-leader of Clinical and Translational Science Institute Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Core since 2010. She joined Penn State as an assistant professor and research associate of Statistics in 1996.



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STAT 506 - Sampling Theory and Methods

STAT 509 - Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials