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David S. Weiss

Distinguished Professor of Physics
David S Weiss.

Research Interests

My research involves experiments with laser-cooled atoms in optical lattices and other light traps. We use cold, trapped atoms to make precise measurements of fundamental constants and to test fundamental symmetries. We also use these atoms as model systems to address issues in atomic physics, condensed-matter physics, quantum mechanics, and statistical mechanics. My group has three experimental apparatuses: one is devoted to the study of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices, with an emphasis on 1D gases; one involves the development of a quantum computer using a 3D array of atoms; and one is working toward the measurement of the electron's electric dipole moment, using cold, trapped alkali atoms.

For more information, see the Weiss group web site.

Current research group

Graduate students:  Yuan Le, Peng Du, Zhenyu Wei, Maarten de Haan, Emma Hogan, Mritunjay Joshi, Drew McConnell, Shuaibing Li

Undergraduates: Ryan Zhang

new graduate student and postdoc positions are available

Research support:  National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research.


Ph.D., Physics, Stanford University (1993)

B.A. summa cum laude, Physics, Amherst College (1985).


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Honors and Awards

Davisson-Germer Prize (2022)

AAAS Fellow (2019-)

DAMOP Past Chair (2016-17)

DAMOP Chair (2015-16)

DAMOP Chair-Elect (2014-15)

DAMOP Vice-Chair (2013-14)

Fellow of the American Physical Society (2007-).

Faculty Scholar Medal in the Physical Sciences, Penn State University (2007).

Packard Fellow (1997).

Sloan Fellow (1997).

NSF Early Career Award (1996-2001).

ONR Young Investigator Award (1995-8).

Churchill Scholarship (1986).

Full list of publications on Google Scholar

Selected publications

  1. Y. Le, Y. Zhang, S. Gopalikrishnan, M. Rigol, and D. S. Weiss, “Direct observation of hydrodynamization and local prethermalization”, Nature 618, 494 (2023).
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