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Cui-Zu Chang

Henry W. Knerr Early Career Professor and Associate Professor of Physics
Cui-Zu Chang


Ph.D. in Physics, Tsinghua University, 2013
B.S. in Optical Engineering, Shandong University (China), 2007

Honors and Awards

2021  Rustum and Della Roy Innovation in Materials Research Award

2021 Henry W. Knerr Early Career Professorship

2019 Gordon and Betty Moore EPiQS Materials Synthesis Investigator

2019 Macronix Prize (Outstanding Young Researcher Award)

2019 NSF CAREER Award

2018 MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35 (China)

2018 ARO Young Investigator Program Award

2018 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship

2016 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Young Scientist Prize in the Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter

2013 Switzerland Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation Award

Research Interests

  1. Quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect 
  2. Topological materials 
  3. Majorana physics in QAH-supercondctor and TI-superconductor hybrid structures
  4. Interface superconductivity
  5. MBE of “thin film”, “heterostructure” and “superlattice”
  6. Novel quantum phase in emerging quantum materials 
  7. Magnetic and Superconductive tunneling junctions

Selected Publications

(A complete list is available here)

1.   Even–Odd Layer-Dependent Anomalous Hall Effect in Topological Magnet MnBi2Te4 Thin Films

Y.-F. Zhao, L.-J. Zhou, F. Wang, G. Wang, T. Song, D. Ovchinnikov, H. Yi, R. Mei, K. Wang, M. H. W. Chan, C.-X. Liu, X. Xu, and C.-Z. Chang#

Nano Lett. 21, 7691 (2021) (#corresponding authors)

2.  Surface charge induced Dirac band splitting in a charge density wave material (TaSe4)2I

     H. Yi, Z. Huang, W. Shi, L. Min, R. Wu, C. M. Polley, R. Zhang, Y.-F. Zhao, L.-J. Zhou, J. Adell, X. Gui, W. Xie, M. H. W. Chan, Z. Mao, Z. Wang, W. Wu, and C.-Z. Chang#

     Phys. Rev. Research 3, 013271(2021) (#corresponding authors)

3.   Interface-Induced Sign Reversal of the Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Topological  Insulator Heterostructures     

      F. Wang*, X. Wang*, Y.-F. Zhao*, D. Xiao, L.-J. Zhou, W. Liu, Z. Zhang, W. Zhao, M. H. W. Chan, N. Samarth, C. Liu, H. Zhang#, and C.-Z. Chang#

      Nature Commun. 12,79 (2021) (#corresponding authors,*equal first authors) 

4.   Tuning the Chern Number in Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulators

      Y.-F. Zhao, R. Zhang, R. Mei, L.-J. Zhou, H. Yi, Y.-Q. Zhang, J. Yu, R. Xiao, K. Wang, N. Samarth, M. H. W. Chan, C.-X. Liu#, and C.-Z. Chang#

      Nature 588, 419-423(2020) (#corresponding authors)

5.   Scaling Behavior of the Quantum Phase Transition from a Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator to an Axion Insulator

X. Wu, D. Xiao, C.-Z. Chen, J. Sun, L. Zhang, M. H. W. Chan, N. Samarth, X. C. Xie, X. Lin#, and C.-Z. Chang#

Nature Commun. 11, 4532 (2020) (#corresponding authors)

6.  Marriage of topology and magnetism

C.-Z. Chang#

Nature Mater. 19, 484–485 (2020) (#corresponding authors)

7.   Concurrence of Quantum Anomalous Hall and Topological Hall Effects in Magnetic Topological Insulator Sandwich Heterostructures  

J. Jiang, D. Xiao, F. Wang, J.-H. Shin, D. Andreoli, J. Zhang, R. Xiao, Y.-F. Zhao, M. Kayyalha, L. Zhang, K. Wang, J. Zang, C. Liu, N. Samarth#, M. H. W. Chan#, and C.-Z. Chang#

Nature Mater. 19,732–737 (2020) (#corresponding authors)

8.  Absence of Evidence for Chiral Majorana Modes in Quantum Anomalous Hall-Superconductor Devices

M. Kayyalha, D. Xiao, R. Zhang, J. Shin, J. Jiang, F. Wang, Y.-F. Zhao, L. Zhang, K. M. Fijalkowski, P. Mandal, M. Winnerlein, C. Gould, Q. Li, L. W. Molenkamp, M. H. W. Chan#, N. Samarth#, and C.-Z. Chang#

Science 367, 64-67(2020) (#corresponding authors)

9.  Observation of Interfacial Antiferromagnetic Coupling between Magnetic Topological Insulator and Antiferromagnetic Insulator

F. Wang, D. Xiao, W. Yuan, J. Jiang, Y.-F. Zhao, L. Zhang, Y. Yao, B. Dong, W. Liu, Z. Zhang, C. Liu, J. Shi, W. Han, M. H. W. Chan, N. Samarth, and C.-Z. Chang#

Nano Lett. 19, 2945-2952 (2019) (#corresponding authors)

10.  Realization of the Axion Insulator State in Quantum Anomalous Hall Sandwich Heterostructures

D. Xiao, J. Jiang, J.-H. Shin, W. Wang, F. Wang, Y.-F. Zhao, C. Liu, W. Wu, M. H. W. Chan#, N. Samarth#, and C.-Z. Chang#

Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 056801 (2018) (Editors’ Suggestion) (#corresponding authors)

11.  Unconventional Planar Hall Effect in Exchange-Coupled Topological Insulator-Ferromagnetic Insulator Heterostructures

D. Rakhmilevich, F. Wang, W. Zhao, M. H. W. Chan, J. S. Moodera, C. Liu, and C.-Z. Chang#

Phys. Rev. B 98, 094404 (2018) (#corresponding authors)

12.  Chromium-Induced Ferromagnetism with Perpendicular Anisotropy in Topological Crystalline Insulator SnTe (111) Films

F. Wang, H. Zhang, J. Jiang, Y.-F. Zhao, J. Yu, W. Liu#, D. Li, M. H. W. Chan, J. Sun, Z. Zhang, and C.-Z. Chang#

Phys. Rev. B  97, 115414 (2018) (#corresponding authors)

13.  Dirac-electrons-mediated magnetic proximity effect in topological insulator/magnetic insulator hetero-structures

M. Li#, Q. Song, W. Zhao, J. A Garlow, T.-H. Liu, L. Wu, Y. Zhu, J. Moodera, M. H W Chan, G. Chen#, and C.-Z. Chang#

Phys. Rev. B 96, 201301 (R) (2017) (#corresponding authors)

14.  Observation of the quantum phase transition from quantum anomalous Hall insulator to Anderson insulator and its scaling behavior

C.-Z. Chang*, W. Zhao*, J. Li*, J. K. Jain, C. Liu, J. S. Moodera, and M. H. W. Chan

      Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 126802 (2016) (Editors’ Suggestion) (*equal first authors)

15.   High-precision realization of robust quantum anomalous Hall state in a hard-ferromagnetic topological insulator

C.-Z. Chang#, W. Zhao#, D. Kim, H. Zhang, B. A. Assaf, D. Heiman, S. C. Zhang, C. Liu, M. H. W. Chan, and J. S. Moodera#

Nat. Mater. 14, 473 (2015) (#corresponding authors)

16. Zero-field dissipationless chiral edge transport and the nature of dissipation in the quantum anomalous Hall state

C.-Z. Chang*#, W. Zhao*, D. Kim, P. Wei, J. K. Jain, C. Liu, M. H. W. Chan#, and J. S. Moodera#

      Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 057206 (2015) (#corresponding authors, *equal first authors)

17. Band engineering of Dirac surface states in topological insulators-based van der Waals heterostructures

C.-Z. Chang#, P. Z. Tang, X. Feng, K. Li, X. Ma, W. H. Duan#, K. He#, and Q. K. Xue

      Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 136801 (2015) (#corresponding authors)

18. Chemical potential dependent gap-opening at the Dirac surface states of Bi2Se3 induced by aggregated substitutional Cr atoms

C.-Z. Chang*, P. Z. Tang*, Y. L. Wang, X. Feng, K. Li, Z. Zhang, Y. Wang,  L. Wang, X. Chen, C. X. Liu, W. H. Duan, K. He, X. Ma, and Q. K. Xue

      Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 056801 (2014) (*equal first authors)

19. Experimental observation of the quantum anomalous Hall effect in a magnetic topological insulator

C.-Z. Chang*, J. Zhang*, X. Feng*, J. Shen*, Z. Zhang, M. H. Guo, K. Li, Y. B. Ou, P. Wei, L. Wang, Z. Q. Ji, Y. Feng, S. H. Ji, X. Chen, J. F. Jia, X. Dai, Z. Fang, S.C. Zhang, K. He,Y. Wang, L. Lu, X. C. Ma, and Q. K. Xue

      Science 340, 167 (2013) (*equal first authors)

      This work was featured in the scientific background of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics for Haldane, Kosterlitz, and Thouless.