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Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate (IUG) Degree

The Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate (IUG) degree with B.S. in Statistics and Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) is designed to be completed in five years but can be shorter in special cases. This integrated degree will enable a select number of highly qualified and career-oriented students to obtain training in statistics focused on developing data analysis skills and exploration of core areas of applied statistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Admission to the IUG degree is highly selective and requires attending the undergraduate and graduate degree programs simultaneously for at least two semesters.  

For application to the IUG MAS program, a student needs to:


1. Complete at least 60 credits of the undergraduate degree program including STAT 414.

2. Apply to a semester that cannot be the last semester of your undergraduate degree.

3. Prepare a proposed plan of study in consultation with the MAS program director, Mosuk Chow.

4. Apply to the MAS program as described here.


One of the three recommendation letters has to be submitted by the chair of your undergraduate program, approving of your application to the IUG program.  


Find more details about the IUG program by visiting the Penn State Graduate Bulletin page.