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Statistics department announces winners of 2022 ASA DataFest at Penn State

Competition drew students from four institutions, and across six colleges and five campuses at Penn State
29 April 2022

During the last weekend of March, teams of undergraduate and master’s degree students filled the classrooms of Thomas Building for an intense, 48-hour number-crunching competition, working through millions of lines of code to find the best way to analyze the data.

The annual American Statistical Association (ASA) DataFest competition at Penn State — a celebration of data in which student teams work around the clock to find and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex dataset — this year saw an impressive 129 students from across six colleges, five campuses, and four institutions participate in 18 submitted projects.

During the competition, students took part in workshops on the programming language R and visual analytics platform Tableau as well as data wrangling and professionalization.

Team Nimble Newts took home Penn State’s 2022 title along with the award for best use of external data. Teams Five Kuys and DataSkeptic tied for best visualization, and team Aerial Agamids won the award for best insight.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Best use of external data

Nimble Newts

Nimble Newts

  • Xinge Zhang (Actuarial Science, Penn State Smeal College of Business)
  • Adam Kenawell (Data Sciences (Computational Data Sciences option), Penn State College of Engineering)
  • Jingwen Miao (Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology)


Best visualization


Five Kuys

  • Won Seok Lee (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Jiwoong Jeon (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Jiwoo Song (Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering)
  • Kang-Il Lee (Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering)
  • Kenzy Kim (Computer Science, College of Engineering)


  • Jie Zhu (Data Sciences, Applied Data Sciences option, College of Engineering; Mathematics, Penn State Eberly College of Science) 
  • Zining Yin (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Kaile Ying (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Xiangting Li (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
  • Xinkai Wu (Computer Science, College of Engineering)


Best insight

Aerial Agamids

Aerial Agamids

  • Yoonsung Park (Data Sciences, Computational Data Sciences option, College of Engineering) 
  • Robert Krimetz (Data Sciences, Statistical Modeling option, Eberly College of Science; Economics, Penn State College of the Liberal Arts)