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Courses in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

Courses in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

The following core courses in dynamical systems are offered every second year in the sequence:

  • Math 507, Dynamical Systems I (FA)
  • Math 506, Ergodic Theory (SP)
  • Math 508, Dynamical Systems II (FA)
  • Math 515, Classical Mechanics (SP)

In addition we offer speacial topics courses in dynamical systems and related topics.

In 2021-22 academic year the following special topics courses will be offered:

  • Nonuniformly hyperbolic dynamics (Y. Pesin), FA2021
  • Thermodynamical formalism (Y. Pesin), SP2022

Recently Offered Special Topics Courses

  • An introduction to smooth group actions. (F. Rodriguez Hertz)
  • Termodynamics of Hyperbolic Dynamics (Y. Pesin)
  • Ergodic Theory of Nil-manifolds (Z. Wang)
  • Elementary Introduction to Modern Geometry (D. Burago) 
  • Non-uniformly Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems (Y. Pesin) 
  • Dynamical Systems with Applications (M. Levi)
  • Dimension Theory in Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics (Y. Pesin)
  • Group Actions on Manifolds and Rigidity (A. Katok)
  • Theory of Lyapunov Exponents and Smooth Ergodic Theory (Y. Pesin)
  • Topics in Geometric Rigidity (A. Katok)
  • Dimension Theory and Dynamical Systems (Y. Pesin)
  • Geodesic Flows (Y. Pesin)
  • Hyperbolic Dynamics (Y. Pesin)
  • Fuchsian Groups, Geodesic Flow and Symbolic Dynamics (S. Katok)
  • Selected Topics in Dynamics: New Chapters for the "Big Red Book" (A. Katok)
  • Thermodynamical  Formalism and Dimension  Theory of Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems (Y. Pesin)
  • Elements of Fractal Geometry and Dynamics (Y. Pesin)
  • Introduction to Riemannian and metric geometry (D. Burago)