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Anatole Katok Center for Dynamical Systems and Geometry


The Anatole Katok Center for Dynamical Systems and Geometry at Penn State has a strong and active group working in the broad spectrum of disciplines related to the theory of Dynamical Systems and Geometry. At present, our Center  consists of a large group of faculty members,  graduate students and postdocs. Our program includes a weekly Dynamical Systems Seminar, Center for Dynamics and Geometry Colloquium, Working Seminar: Dynamics and its Working Tools, Dynamics Student Seminar, graduate and undergraduate courses, and a major annual workshop in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics.  

The group members have a wide range of complementing and overlapping research interests that include smooth ergodic theory, dimension theory, abstract ergodic theory, topological dynamics,  KAM theory, Riemannian geometry, geometry of Alexandrov spaces, symplectic geometry and topology, geodesic flows, dynamics of singular spaces, conformal, dynamics of large group actions, mechanics, rigidity theory and its applications to number theory, lattice systems, spectral theory on manifolds, and applications to physics, engineering, and biology. This combination of interests and activities has allowed us to create a flourishing world center of research and education.

The Center's financial support comes from the endowments by Michael Brin, Sergey Ferleger and Alexey Kononenko.  Additional  support comes from the Eberly College of Science at Penn State.

The follwoing article describes history and transformation of the Center.

Anatole Katok Center for Dynamical Systems and Geometry by Svetlana Katok and Yakov Pesin, Notices of the AMS, (2019) 66, 5, 720-721