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Samuele Ronchini

Postdoctoral Scholar
Research activity

My research interests regard the physics of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), with a particular attention in understanding and exploring their outstanding role in the multi-messenger astrophysics. I work at the Mission Operation Center of the Swift space observatory, where I contribute working on the low-latency realtime GUANO pipeline, for the search of subthreshold events of the Swift/BAT instrument. My expertise in multi-messenger studies is used to enhance the role of Swift for the detection of gamma-ray and X-ray transients associated to gravitational wave (GW) events. I am member of the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA collaboration and I am involved in the search of electromagnetic (EM) counterpart of compact binary coalescences (CBCs), as well as in the sub threshold gravitational wave events in coincidence external GRB triggers. I am member of the ENGRAVE, GRAWITA and LIGHETR collaborations for the follow up campaign to detect and characterize the multi-band (EM) emission of CBCs, with ground and space based facilities. I am also currently contributing for the definition of the science case of future multi-messenger facilities, including the Einstein Telescope, THESEUS and Strobe-X.