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Donghui Jeong

Associate Professor
donghui jeong

The self

I'm an astrophysicist/cosmologist who studies the origin and evolution of our Universe.

I am working as an associate professor at Astronomy and Astrophysics departmentEberly College of Science, the Pennsylvania State University. I am also a part of the Center for Theoretical and Observational Cosmology (CTOC) in the Institute for Gravitation & the Cosmos (IGC). Prior to this, I was a postdoctoral fellow in theoretical cosmology in Physics and Astronomy department at the Johns Hopkins University and the TAPIR (Theoretical AstroPhysics Including Relativity) group in PMA Division (PhysicsMathematics and Astronomy) at Caltech working with Prof. Marc Kamionkowski. Even before, I was a graduate student of Texas Cosmology Center (TCC) and the Astronomy Department at the University of Texas at Austin. My thesis adviser is Prof. Eiichiro Komatsu, and here are my academic trees from mathematics genealogy project and

I am working on various aspects of theoretical cosmology, but I also enjoy working with real data.
In particular, I am working for a high redshift galaxy survey called HETDEX (Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy eXperiment). The main theme of this mission is studying the properties of dark energy by analyzing the distribution of galaxies (Lyman-alpha emitters). In the current survey design, we shall observe about a million galaxies within 540 sq. deg. area in the sky at the redshift range 1.9 < z <3.5. We have been obtaining data from 2017.
I'm also working with the LVK collaboration as an external collaborator for the searching sub-Chandrasekhar mass black holes.


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