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Undergraduate Programs

Why Major in Statistics?

What is Statistics?

Statistics is the field of study of that uses mathematics, computing, and analysis, to organize and understand data. Statisticians use critical and abstract thinking through the application of mathematical principles to statistical problems, and combine modeling with computational skills to analyze data.


You Might Like Our Programs If...

  • You enjoy problem solving and creative thinking.
  • You have a passion for turning information into decisions, discoveries, and insight.
  • You want to develop a skillset in high demand across a variety of fields in science, technology, finance, risk analysis, manufacturing, research, and industry.


  • You are curious about analyzing information to discover new insights.
  • You want to apply data analytics to make strategic decisions.
  • You want to understand how data can be used to visualize phenomena and predict different outcomes.
  • You are interested in statistics, mathematics, and the social sciences, and want to combine these disciplines to understand what data is really telling us.


About Our Programs

The Department of Statistics in the Eberly College of Science offers two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Statistics and one in Data Science. The B.S. program in Statistics has five options from which to choose. These options are oriented toward actuarial science, applied and industrial statistics, bio-statistics, computational statistics, and graduate study. The B.S. program in Data Science focuses on statistical models and methods that are needed to discover and validate patterns in Big Data. Students in this option will take upper-level statistics and mathematics courses, learning to apply the theoretical machinery of quantitative models to the solution of real-world problems involving Big Data.