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Department of Statistics

P.R. Krishnaiah Visiting Scholars and Lecturers

P.R. Krishnaiah (07/15/1932 – 08/01/1987) was the founder-director of the Center for Multivariate Analysis (CMA). He received numerous honors and international recognition for his outstanding contributions to the theory and applications of Statistics.

In order to perpetuate the memory of P.R. Krishnaiah, a Visiting Scholars Program was started at Penn State in 1992. Under this program, outstanding scholars are invited to visit the CMA to give lectures and/or participate in research work. This program was led by Professor C. R. Rao, the director of the CMA from 1992 to 2003. Now this program has become P.R. Krishnaiah Memorial Lectures.

List of P.R. Krishnaiah Visiting Scholars and Memorial Lecturers

2023 Nancy Zhang Univeristy of Pennsylvania
2019 Doug Nychka Colorado School of Mines
2017 Satish Iyengar University of Pittsburgh
2015 Nancy Reid University of Toronto
2013 Stephen E. Fienberg Carnegie Mellon University
2008 Elizabeth Thompson University of Washington
2006 Gene H. Golub Stanford University
2003 James O. Berger Duke University
2001 Leo Breiman University of California, Berkeley
2000 David L. Donoho Stanford University
1999 Masatoshi Nei Pennsylvania State University
1997 David Mumford Brown University / Harvard University
1995 Srinivasa R. S. Varadhan Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
1994 Bradley Efron Stanford University
1994 Peter J. Bickel University of California, Berkeley
1993 Herman Chernoff Harvard University
1992 Sir David R. Cox Oxford University