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Stephen Berg

Assistant Professor of Statistics
Stephen Berg


Stephen Berg is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Penn State.

Berg received his PhD in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2020. He received an MS in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017, and a BS in Mathematics from Iowa State University in 2013.

Berg works to develop statistical tools for data with spatial and temporal dependencies, particularly of the kind arising in environmental data. His research areas include simulation based inference (especially Markov chain Monte Carlo and stochastic approximation methods), modeling in landscape ecology and for wildlife disease, and numerical optimization.

Berg joined Penn State as an Assistant Professor in 2020.



  • Berg, S., Zhu, J., Clayton, M.K., Shea, M.E., Mladenoff, D.J. (2019) A latent discrete Markov random field approach to identifying and classifying historical forest communities based on spatial multivariate tree species counts. Annals of Applied Statistics, vol. 13 no. 4, pp. 2312--2340.
  • Fernandes-Taylor, S., Berg, S., Gunter, R., Bennett, K., Smith, M.A., Rathouz, P.J., Greenberg, C.C., Kent, K.C. (2018) Thirty-day readmission and mortality among Medicare beneficiaries discharged to skilled nursing facilities after vascular surgery. Journal of Surgical Research, vol. 221, pp. 196--203.