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Armine Bagyan

Associate Teaching Professor
Armine Bagyan


Armine Bagyan is an Associate Teaching Professor of Statistics at Penn State.

She received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Penn State University in 2015. She received her M.S. in Mathematics from the Moscow State University.

Bagyan's research interests include limit theorems, probability inequalities for random positive definite matrices, and dimension reduction. She serves as the Department Coordinator for Graduate Minor in Statistics, the Chair of Statistics Department Climate and Diversity Committee, and a member of Undergraduate Standing Committee and Non-Tenure Promotion Committee. She serves as an undergraduate advisor to Statistics majors and Schreyer Honors College students.





STAT 318 - Elementary Probability

STAT 319 - Applied Statistics in Science

STAT 401 - Experimental Methods

STAT 414 - Introduction to Probability Theory (UP and World Campus)

STAT 415 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

STAT 416 - Stochastic Modeling

STAT 418 - Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineering

STAT 462 - Applied Regression Analysis

STAT 463 - Applied Time Series Analysis

STAT 500 - Applied Statistics (UP and World Campus)

STAT 502 - Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments