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Prerequisites Checklist

Before you take... You should have already successfully completed...
Statistical Software Involved?
STAT 414

Math Pre-requisites: A standard three-course calculus sequence (for example, MATH 140, MATH 141 and MATH 230) and knowledge of Matrix Algebra (see Review) / Linear Algebra (MATH 220). If these courses were taken more than a few years ago, students are strongly encouraged to review their calculus knowledge. Also, MAS students are also strongly encouraged to complete application courses STAT 500 and STAT 501 before taking STAT 414.

STAT 415 STAT 414
STAT 480 3 credits in statistics
STAT 481 STAT 480
STAT 482 STAT 481
STAT 500 1 undergraduate course in statistics
Minitab, (or SPSS)
STAT 501 STAT 500, Matrix Algebra (see Review)
STAT 502 STAT 501
Minitab, SAS **
STAT 503 STAT 502
Minitab, SAS **
STAT 504 STAT 500, 501, 502; Matrix Algebra (see Review) 
SAS, R (involves programming) **
STAT 505 STAT 501 and STAT 502; Matrix Algebra (see Review) 
SAS, Minitab **
STAT 506 calculus, 3 credits in statistics (STAT 500 is recommended)
 Minitab or SAS or R (to generate random numbers)
STAT 507 3 credits in statistics, STAT 250 or equivalent
SAS, R, or Minitab for calculating basic epidemiological measures
STAT 508

STAT 501 or a similar course that covers analysis of research data through simple and multiple regression and correlation; polynomial models; indicator variables; step-wise, piece-wise, and logistic regression

R (involves programming) **
STAT 509 STAT 500
STAT 510 ** STAT 462 or 501 or 511
STAT 580 STAT 502, one course from STAT 505, 508, one course from STAT 503, STAT 504, 506, 510
SAS, R, Minitab, or SPSS
STAT 581 STAT 580
SAS, R, Minitab, or SPSS

** Please Note: Statistical software SAS and R involve programming.

Students taking STAT 502, STAT 503, STAT 504, STAT 505, STAT 510, or STAT508 that plan on using either SAS or R, should already feel comfortable using these software packages at a basic level, be a quick learner of software packages, or able to figure out how to do the required analyses in another package of their choice.

Students who have no experience with programming or are anxious about being able to manipulate software code are strongly encouraged to take the one-credit courses in either SAS or R in order to establish this foundation before taking courses that rely on this software.

Depending on the course, SAS and/or R will be supported and sample programs will be supplied but you will be required to do some programming on your own. Due to different software applications, software versions and platforms there may be issues with running code. Students must be proactive in seeking advice and help from appropriate sources including documentation resources, other students, the teaching assistant, instructor or helpdesk.