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Department of Statistics

Prizes & Memorial Lectures

Rao Prize

C. R. and Bhargavi Rao Prize for Outstanding Research in Statistics

The C. R. Rao and Bhargavi Prize honors outstanding and influential innovations in the theory and practice of mathematical statistics, international leadership in directing statistical research, and pioneering contributions by a recognized leader in the field.

Clifford Clogg

Clifford C. Clogg Memorial Lecture

Dr. Clogg was nationally and internationally known for his work in quantitative methods and demography, particularly on the analysis of rates, standardization methods, and latent structure analysis. Contributions from friends and colleagues led to the creation of the Clifford C. Clogg Memorial Lectureship fund. The fund was endowed in 1996. Leo Goodman gave the inaugural lecture on September 27, 1996.

Russell Marker

Marker Lecture Series

The Marker Lectures were established in 1984 through a gift from Russell Earl Marker, professor emeritus of chemistry at Penn State, whose pioneering synthetic methods revolutionized the steroid-hormone industry and opened the door to the current era of hormone therapies, including the birth-control pill.

Chemerda Banner

John M. Chemerda Lectures in Science

The John M. Chemerda Lectures in Science are named in honor of John M. Chemerda, a developmental chemist who earned his bachelor's degree at Penn State in 1935.

PR Krishnaiah

P.R. Krishnaiah Visiting Scholars and Lecturers

P.R. Krishnaiah (07/15/1932 – 08/01/1987) was the founder-director of the Center for Multivariate Analysis (CMA). He received numerous honors and international recognition for his outstanding contributions to the theory and applications of Statistics.

C.G. Khatri

C.G. Khatri Visiting Scholars and Lecturers

C.G. Khatri (08/08/1931 – 03/31/1989) was a frequent visitor to the Center for Multivariate Analysis. He has authored or co-authored several books and about two hundred research publications in prestigious journals.