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Graduate Program

Master of Science in Statistics (MS)

Master of Science in Statistics

Building block towards a Ph.D. in Statistics or may compliment a Ph.D. from another discipline. Demonstrates a strong ability to analyze in interpret complex data.  

Emphasis is on Statistical Theory with a strong focus on research.  A Master of Science in Statistics will prepare students for research-oriented careers in Academics, Government or Industry.

What are the Requirements?

Required Courses

  • 30 credits (27 credits must be at the 500 level; and 21 of the 27 must be STAT courses from the statistics department)
  • 9 credits in probability and mathematical statistics (STAT 513, 514, 515)
  • 6 credits in applied statistics (STAT 511, 512)
  • 3 credits in Statistical Consulting Practicum (STAT 580, 581)

Students are expected to have matrix algebra (MATH 441 or CMPSC 451 or 455) and a computer programming language prior to entering the program, or must register for appropriate courses to meet these requirements. Students may also take a speech communication course (e.g. CAS 212) and foreign students may need to take courses in English as a second language (ESL 115G-118G), depending on their fluency in English.

The student must also pass a written master's qualifying examination taken at the end of the first year.

The M.S. candidate must also submit a master's thesis on a topic approved by the advisor. Note that 6 of the 30 required credits must be included in the program for thesis research.

How do I Apply?

For information on the Statistics Graduate Program admission requirements, application deadlines, and the Penn State Graduate school requirements and application please view: Apply to the Statistics Graduate Program