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Graduate Program

Master of Science in Statistics (M.S.)

Note: We do not admit new students into the Master's program. New students should apply for the PhD program.

Master of Science in Statistics

Building block towards a Ph.D. in Statistics or may compliment a Ph.D. from another discipline. Demonstrates a strong ability to analyze in interpret complex data.  

Emphasis is on Statistical Theory with a strong focus on research.  A Master of Science in Statistics will prepare students for research-oriented careers in Academics, Government or Industry.


What are the Requirements?

Required Courses

  • 30 credits (27 credits must be at the 500 level; and 21 of the 27 must be STAT courses from the statistics department)

  • 9 credits in probability and mathematical statistics (STAT 513, 514, 515)

  • 6 credits in applied statistics (STAT 511, 512)

  • 3 credits in Statistical Consulting Practicum (STAT 580, 581)

Students are expected to have matrix algebra (MATH 441 or CMPSC 451 or 455) and a computer programming language prior to entering the program, or must register for appropriate courses to meet these requirements. Students may also take a speech communication course (e.g. CAS 212) and foreign students may need to take courses in English as a second language (ESL 115G-118G), depending on their fluency in English.

The student must also pass a written master's qualifying examination taken at the end of the first year.

The M.S. candidate must also submit a master's thesis on a topic approved by the advisor. Note that 6 of the 30 required credits must be included in the program for thesis research.


How do I Apply?

For information on the Statistics Graduate Program admission requirements, application deadlines, and the Penn State Graduate school requirements and application please view: Apply to the Statistics Graduate Program.


Financial Support

The Statistics Department does not provide financial support to students in the M.S. program. Students may look into Federal Student Aid or other sources of support. View the Graduate School's Graduate Funding FAQs for more information.