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Department of Statistics

2024 Colloquia

The Statistics Department Colloquia invites academic scholars and industrial researchers to present and communicate cutting-edge research and progress in statistics, machine learning, data science, and their interdisciplinary applications. Colloquia are held weekly and open for attendance by faculty, students, and staff.




Date Speaker Title
Feb 1 None (Rescheduled)  
Feb 12-13 None (Cancelled)  
Feb 21-22

Marker Lecture with Xio-Li Meng

Note: non-standard time

Data Minding Before Data Mining (Or How Small are Big Data?)
Feb 29 Ian Fellows (Fellows Statistics) Flexible Modeling of Network Growth: The Latent Order Logistic (LOLOG) Model
Mar 7 Spring Break  
Mar 14 None (Cancelled)  
Mar 21 Public Lecture (Bharath Sriperumbudur) A Kernel Hike in the Machine Learning Forest
Mar 26 SAGF Lecture - Dr. Elizabeth Stuart TBA
Mar 28 Bruno Sanso (UCSC) Non-Gaussian geostatistical models using nearest neighbors processes.
Apr 5-7 Infectious Disease Workshop Visit Program
Apr 11 Anne van Deltt (Columbia) A Statistical Framework for Analyzing Shape in a Time Series of Random Geometric Objects
Apr 18 Wei-Biao Wu (University of Chicago) Fast Algorithms for Estimating Covariance Matrices of Stochastic Gradient Descent Solutions
Apr 25 End of Year Party  


The colloquia will be held from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in Thomas 201


A look back at previous COLLOQUIA.