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Department of Statistics

Spring 2022 Colloquia


Date Speaker Title
March 24 Peijun Sang (University of Waterloo) Statistical Inference for Functional Linear Quantile Regression
March 31 Qian Qin (University of Minnesota) Analysis of two-component Gibbs samplers using the theory of two projections
April 7 Ann B Lee (Carnegie Mellon University) Likelihood-Free Frequentist Inference: Confidence Sets with Correct Conditional Coverage
April 21 Kshitij Khare (University of Florida) Bayesian inference in high-dimensional mixed frequency regression and VAR models
Summer Break
September 8 Yumou Qiu (Iowa State University) Optimal signal detection in covariance and precision matrices
September 15 Chenlu Ke (Virginia Commonwealth University) Sufficient Variable Screening with High Dimensional Controls
September 22 Youssef Mroueh (IBM Research) Learning with Stochastic Orders

A look back at previous COLLOQUIA.