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Department of Statistics

Public Lecture Series

Public Lecture Series Video Archive

Our faculty and students work on statistical methodology, a subject that spans mathematics, philosophy, and computing, and impacts many areas of science, engineering, and business. Our department is also heavily involved in interdisciplinary research, where we work closely with scientists in fields like biology, astronomy, climate science, and social science. The purpose of this Department of Statistics public lecture series is to share our diverse research and statistical insights with as broad an audience as possible. This is particularly critical now given the enormous importance of statistics and data science to society. 


bharath lecture
Bharath Sriperumbudur

A Kernel Hike Through the Machine Learning Forest


Keystone State Statistics Symposium

yanyuan ma talk
Yanyuan Ma

Causal Inference and Missingness



Bing Li Talk
Bing Li

Sufficiency: a Brief History of Data Reduction

Francesca Public Lecture

What can shapes teach us? Leveraging functional data in biomedical applications

Francesca Chiaromonte



dave hunter talk
Dave Hunter

My Statistical Consulting Project was Declared Unconstitutional– And I’m Partly Glad


Distinguished Lectures

View archived recordings of Statistics Public Lectures below: