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Life....In Space
Fox fur, Unicorn, and Christmas Tree


About the Camp

Until a few years ago, anyone who mentioned aliens as a reality would have been laughed at. But now, astrobiology (the study of life in space) has started to take off! If there is life out there, would we recognize it? Where should we look? What are the chances of finding intelligent life? To answer these questions, campers will peer through telescopes, build rockets, and learn how to analyze alien atmospheres for signs of life. Join this camp if you’re interested in answering the biggest question of all: are we alone in the universe?




Date: July 22 - 26, 2019

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Camp fees and registration:  Register before midnight Mar. 19, 2019: $365 
                                                   Register after 12 am Mar. 20, 2019:      $395

Lunch and Snacks: Activity breaks will be taken each day to allow kids to eat their peanut free snacks that they brought from home. Campers will eat lunch each day in one of the University dining commons.

Extended Care: Before- and after-camp care is available for our elementary and middle school camps (see times below). The cost for either AM or PM Extended Care is $30 per child per week and the cost for both AM and PM Extended Care is $50 per child per week. Parents must register their children for Extended Care when registering for camps online. Extended Care takes place on campus and exact locations will be communicated to registered parents each week.

  • AM Extended Care: Drop-off starting at 7:45 am, Tuesday-Friday.
  • PM Extended Care: Pick up no later than 5:15 pm, Monday - Thursday.
  • Note: Extended care is not offered on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Each camper must be checked in to camp by their parent/guardian at the designated time on Monday morning and must be picked up directly after the closing ceremony on Friday