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Science-U Penn State Summer Science Camps

Science-U is dedicated to advancing science literacy in youth through the sharing and discovery of scientific knowledge within the intellectual foundations at Penn State. Our chief aims are to educate and inspire students, encourage their critical thinking, and prepare them to become responsible, skilled, and caring scientists and citizens when faced with tomorrow’s challenges.

Summer 2020 Science-U camp offerings are already being developed! Check back here later this fall for next summer's exciting lineup!

Science-U Brochure
2019 Camps

We hope you’re ready for another fantastic summer of unforgettable science experiences here at Penn State’s University Park campus! Each of our Science-U camps is designed to take campers through a one-week journey that investigates an area of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in a fascinating and meaningful way. Guided by our passionate staff, Science-U campers are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and explore all the ways that science can captivate them and make a difference in their everyday lives. Our sincere hope is that every camper comes out of their Science-U experience inspired to stay curious and keep learning about the world around them!  

Registration FAQs

No. Unfortunately, Cvent is unable to reserve your spots until you completely finish the registration process. Even if a camp has spots available when you start registration, the system will put you on the wait list once you finish registration if others have completed registration and taken the final camp spots before you. Our camps are very popular and some fill up very quickly after registration opens. If this happens and you are put on the wait list, we will contact you if a spot becomes available.

Just register normally for camp and you'll be put on the waitlist if the camp is full. Sometimes the waitlist fills as well, in which case you'll receive a message stating such. If the camp is full, you can also select "Pay by Check" and we'll invoice you if a spot becomes available.

Yes, Cvent does not save information from previous registrations. Begin by registering one child and at the end of the first registration form you will be able to click an “Add Additional Child” button if you need to register more children.

  • For each child you are registering, please make sure to click the “Add to Agenda” button next to each camp you are registering them for! If you get to the end of the registration and do not see camps on your agenda, you are not signed up for any camps and you will need to return to the previous screen to make your selections. If you have already confirmed your registration and do not see any camps listed on your confirmation, call the Science Outreach Office at (814) 865-0083 and we will assist you. There is a chance that your preferred camp could fill in the meantime and we would then have to add you to the wait list for that camp.
  • If you have already created a registration (even if incomplete), our registration system will not accept new registrations under the same email address. Please be aware of this and try to register all children and select all your preferred camps in one registration!  If you do forget to register more than one child or if you missed signing up for an additional camp on your original registration, you can use a different email address OR email our office at or call (814)865-0083 and we'll be able to help you!

If you want to know your position on the waitlist, send us an email and and we'll let you know! Due to high call volume on the day of camp registration, it may take a few days to return your call or email.

Give us a call at (814) 865-6236 or email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! 

If you'd like to drop off your child early (starting 7:45 AM) or pick them up late (by 5:15 PM) you can opt for Extended Care. Two trained staff will provide the children with games and activities to occupy them in the meantime. 

Please note that there are 3 options for Extended Care each week: AM only ($30), PM only ($30) and both AM&PM ($50). These will each appear as separate options that you can "Add to Your Agenda" in the registration form. Please be aware that because AM Extended Care starts on Tuesday mornings each week it is listed below the camp offerings and other Extended Care options for that week since Cvent lists options based on start date. If you need to register for Extended Care, please make sure to pick the correct option (AM, PM or the combined AM&PM option) for the applicable week(s)!

No, if you do not get into your preferred camps, simply select the “Pay by check” option on the Payment screen. This will allow your child to stay on the Extended Care roster in case they get in to the camp. If your child gets off the camp waitlist, we will invoice you for both the camp and Extended Care at the same time. If you do pay for Extended Care by credit card, we will refund your payment if your child does not get off the waitlist for that week’s camp.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships may be available to students who qualify. 

Sponsors of Science-U Scholarships logos: Center for Nanoscale Science and AAUW State College

If you're passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and are interested in a job for Summer 2019 that is rewarding, creative, and tons of fun, check out our available summer positions! 

Science-U Mentor showing campers facts about trees
Science-U Corporate Sponsors
Our Sponsors

Read more about our sponsors and how you or your organization can help students attend camp!




Contact us via email at or give us a call at (814) 865-0083

 Office of Science Outreach, 201 Ritenour Building, University Park, PA 16802