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I AM STEM Student Speaking Contest

The I AM STEM speaking contest was designed to help Penn State's Eberly College of Science students develop and share stories of their science journey!  Winners of the contest have been Keynote Speakers at our ENVISION: STEM Career Day Supporting Young Women event where they have been able to inspire other burgeoning STEM minds!

Contest Objectives:

  • To develop the science communication abilities of Eberly College of Science students
  • To identify and showcase Eberly College of Science students with inspiring, authentic STEM stories
  • To identify keynote speakers from the Eberly College of Science student community who can inspire and inform students and families who attend our ENVISION: STEM Career Day Supporting Young Women.  

To learn more about the competition - check out our I AM STEM program video here!

Also, check out the Penn State Today story about the 2019 I AM STEM competition!

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Winners!

1st Place Winner

Quynh Nhu Le

Chemistry Doctoral Student


2nd Place Winner

Unnati Akhouri

Physics Doctoral Student


3rd Place Winner

Reese Petrosky

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

Undergraduate Student


Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Winners!

1st Place Winner

Natalya Radovic

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Undergraduate Student

Natayla Radovic I AM STEM 1st Place

2nd Place Winner

Miatu Kormah

Biological Science and Health Professions

Undergraduate Student

Miatu Kormah I AM STEM 2nd Place

3rd Place Winner

Ariella Biney

Biology Undergraduate Student

Ariella Biney I AM STEM 3rd Place

Past Winners and Participants

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Winners!

1st Place: Ellie Abraham (Biology Doctoral Student)

Ellie's ENVISION Keynote Speech

2nd Place: Margaret Brown (Mathematics Doctoral Student)

Margaret's ENVISION Keynote Speech

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Winners!

1st Place: Sarah Chapman (Chemistry Doctoral Student)

2nd Place: Sarah Pfaff (Plant Biology Doctoral Student)

3rd Place: Phoebe McClincy (Astronomy and Astrophysics Undergraduate Student)

Winners of I Am STEM Contest: Chapman, Pfaff, & McClincy

Our 1st and 2nd place winners presented Keynote Speeches at ENVISION 2021: STEM Career Day Supporting Young Women!

Watch Sarah Chapman's ENVISION Keynote Speech.

Watch Sarah Pfaff's ENVISION Keynote Speech.

Congratulations to the 2019 winners!

1st Place: Latisha Franklin (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Doctoral Student) 

Check out Latisha's keynote speech here:

2nd Place: Yasha Duggal (Chemistry Doctoral Student)

3rd Place: Albaine Hendrickson-Stives (Chemistry Doctoral Student)

We have also posted the final 2017 winner keynote talks as well as a few of the "mini keynotes" that our competitors gave during the 2018 competition on our YouTube channel: . Check them out!


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