1999 Lectures and Events

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How Things Work in Science and Technology
"How Drug Development Works" is January 23 Lecture in Saturday Science Series
11 January 1999  
Free Booklet Available for High-School Science Students: "How Things Work in Science and Technology"
12 January 1999  
"How Computers Keep Getting Smaller, Faster, Cheaper" is January 30 Lecture in Saturday Science Series
20 January 1999  
Pioneer in Nonlinear Dynamics to Give Mueller Lectures in Physics on January 21
21 January 1999  
"How the Internet Works" is February 6 Lecture in Saturday Science Series
27 January 1999  
"The New Materials: Imagineering a Magic Kingdom at the Microscopic Level" is First of Featured Lectures on February 3 and 4
01 February 1999  
"How Climate Change Works" is February 13 Lecture in Saturday Science Series
03 February 1999  
"How Huge Telescopes Work in the Search for Other Planets" is February 20 Lecture in Saturday Science Series
10 February 1999  
Public Lecture on Discovery of Planets Set for February 28
17 February 1999  
Moscow Mathematician to Give Weisfeiler Memorial Lecture on April 7
25 March 1999  
Harvard Chemist to Give Priestley Lectures from April 19 to 21
07 April 1999  
Gerald Smith to be Featured on WPSX-TV
11 April 1999  
Kohout Distinguished Lecture in Applied Chemistry Scheduled for April 23
14 April 1999  
Marker Lectures in the Mathematical Sciences Set for 26 to 29 April 1999
14 April 1999  
Public Lecture on Search for Other Earths Set for April 25
22 April 1999  
Free Public Lecture on Habitable Planets Set for July 9
17 June 1999  
Penn State Holds Workshop on Advanced Materials for Science Teachers
22 June 1999  
The Art of the Universe: AstroFest Shines During Arts Festival
23 June 1999  
Live Telecast of Space Shuttle Launch: Midnight Tonight at Penn State
21 July 1999  

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