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History of the Penn State Lectures on the Frontiers of Science

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The Penn State Lectures on the Frontiers of Sciences begun in 1995 by a group of Penn State Eberly College of Science faculty in the Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry. It was an innovative move for our college because these lectures were designed for the enjoyment and education of average citizens rather than for a specialized audience composed exclusively of scientists, as were our other annual lectures at that time. This initial year was such a huge success that Dean Gregory Geoffroy decided to adopt the lecture series as a college-wide project and to provided it with a budget. For a number of years, funds were provided by a generous grant from the Pfizer company, allowing us to upgrade the series in ways that enhance its public-outreach mission.


Penn State's Lectures on the Frontiers of Science listing by year and theme

100 Years After Einstein's Greatest Discovery: New Science from General Relativity
Strategies for Survival on Planet Earth
Your Genes: How They Contribute to Who You Are
2012 Food: Strategies for Growing Enough for Everyone
2011 Epidemic: Infectious Disease on a Changing Planet
2010 Water: The Next Frontier
2009 Our Universe: From the Big Bang to Life
Running on Empty? Strategies for our Energy Future
Broken Brains: New Research on Brain Disease Is Revealing How the Healthy Mind Works
Change Happens: Understanding How Living Things Evolve
Einstein's Legacy: A centennial celebration of Einstein's "miraculous year" and its influence on science today
2004 It's About Time
2003 Beyond Earth: Living on Other Worlds
Planet Earth: Our Role in Its Health
Decoding Life's Instruction Book: Genetics and Genomics
Astrobiology: Looking for Life in the Universe
How Things Work in Science and Technology
The Human Brain and the Human Mind
On Becoming Human: Our Evolutionary History
The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth and Elsewhere
The Origin and Evolution of the Universe

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