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Penn State scientists "do" science by conducting research. As a student, you may participate with faculty in a wide variety of basic and applied investigations. Science faculty members are conducting more than 3,000 research projects in a number of areas; from the discovery of new planets to the identification of new species of animals. If there is a particular area of research that interests you, more than likely a science faculty member is working on a research project related to it.

Explore the research initiatives on our faculty web pages and find a few that inspire your curiosity. Then send a email or arrange to meet with the professor. That's all it takes to begin the journey that can help you decide if a career in research is right for you.

Students typically participate in research for academic credit or for pay, contributing a few hours a week between classes to a research effort. In fact, more than 50% of all Eberly College of Science Junior and Senior undergraduates participate in a research activity.

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