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In today’s information society, professionals who can make sense of big data are in high demand. The new Data Sciences degree program at Penn State is part of an inter-college initiative between the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST), College of Engineering, and Eberly College of Science to meet that need.

The program will educate students on the technical fundamentals of data sciences, with a focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to manage and analyze large-scale, unstructured data to address an expanding range of problems in industry, government, and academia. As a result, data sciences graduates will possess the core skills and problem-solving approaches to compete for leading-edge analytics positions across many different industry sectors.

Students will gain breadth of knowledge through common core classes, as well as depth in one of three options. After taking common courses during the pre-major stage, students will choose among options focused on application, computation, and science. Students in all three options will come together in their junior and senior years for two shared capstone experiences.

The B.S. degree major offers several different areas of focus. The option you choose will depend on your future goals. The Eberly College of Science offers the following option:

Statistical Modeling Data Sciences: This option focuses on the statistical models and methods that are needed to discover and validate patterns in datasets of all sizes. Students in this option will study the probabilistic foundations upon which innovative statistical techniques are built while learning both classical regression-based and more modern statistical computing techniques requiring computing expertise. Upper-level statistics and mathematics courses will prepare students to apply the theoretical machinery of modern statistics to the search for answers to questions involving big data.

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