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Planning your academic career is a vital step toward reaching and surpassing your educational goals. Many academic and career choices must be made during the first two years of study.
The Eberly College of Science has support services designed to help you with the decisions that you will have to make during these critical years. Support services available include:


Pre-first year Science and Engineering (PREF) Program

The PREF program is offered in the six-week summer session prior to the start of the freshman year and introduces students to college calculus, physics, and chemistry courses as well as a study skills course (with technical emphasis). This program helps prepare its participants for college course work and teaches essential time management skills needed to handle the challenges of first-year course work.


Faculty Advisers

Each student is assigned a faculty adviser from within his or her major who is available to help map out academic plans and answer questions regarding career goals.

Science Advising Center

Reaching professional goals of conducting research and going to graduate or professional school (medical school) is a journey that requires collaboration between the student, adviser, and often the Science Advising Center. The staff in the Science Advising Center can assist students to achieve these goals.


Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education provides students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in a corporate environment while still pursuing an undergraduate education.


First-year in Science and Engineering (FISE) Interest House

FISE House is located in Ritner Hall. FISE House works to help students succeed in their first year of college and promotes diversity in gender, race, and ethnic backgrounds. FISE House offers first-year students in science and engineering an opportunity to live and study with students who share not only common academic interests, but many of the same introductory math and science courses.


Financial Aid

All incoming first-year students to the Eberly College of Science are encouraged to apply for various scholarships, grants, and awards. Each year, approximately 10% of incoming freshmen receive Eberly College of Science scholarships, awards, and prizes that do not require repayment. Many others receive non-repayable aid from other University sources, service groups, industries, or charitable organizations. Fellowship support is available to those who go on to graduate study at Penn State.


Schreyer Honors College

Entering first-year students with excellent high school records and exceptional SAT scores are invited for membership in the Schreyer Honors College. Participants in the Scholars Program have the opportunity to participate in Honors courses, independent study and research, flexibility in planning a program of study, an Honors adviser, access to graduate courses, close interaction with faculty, study abroad, and the possibility of integrated undergraduate and graduate study.


Student Organizations in the Eberly College of Science:

Eberly College of Science Student Council

Astronomy Club

Biochemistry Society

Biology Club

WIRED IN (Women International Racial Ethnic Diversity Intercultural Network)

Nittany Chemical Society

Nittany Pre-medical Society

Pre-dental Society of Penn State

SNMA (Student National Medical Association)

Nationality and Diversity Organizations at Penn State:

African Students Association

Black Caucus

Latino Caucus

Native American Student Association

Penn State University Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P.

Puerto Rican Student Association

Society of Minorities in Hospitality

Women In Engineering Program (WEP)

Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) 

Other Organizations at Penn State:

Greek Organizations

Music Programs

Communications/Publications & Performing Arts Organizations

Political Organizations

Professional Fraternities and Honor Societies

Registering Organizations

Religious and Spiritual Organizations

Residence Hall Organizations

Special Interest Groups

Sports and Recreation-Related Organizations

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