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Where Curiosity Meets Creation

Whether it's conducting groundbreaking research in state-of-the-art laboratories or engaging in hands-on labs that bridge theory with practice, students are empowered to explore the frontiers of knowledge. Through collaborative endeavors and mentorship from esteemed faculty, they nurture their creativity, pushing the boundaries of what is known and uncovering new insights that shape our understanding of the world. Creation flourishes in this dynamic environment as curiosity fuels the drive to innovate, ultimately propelling students toward transformative discoveries that makes us Penn State.

Physics Undergrad student conducting an experiment on a 2DCC machine
Physics undergraduate program

Develop a broad, deep, and rigorous knowledge of the quantitative problems that govern the natural world.

Physics graduate researching looking at an experiment

Intellectually challenging and exciting graduate research alongside leading physics faculty full of talent, enthusiasm, and imagination.

Physics graduate program

Physics Spotlight