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Coronavirus Information

Notice: The Statistics Department main office will be closed until further notice. During this time, all faculty and staff will be reachable by email and phone. Please visit our contact us page or directory listing for details.

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Grad Student

We offer two distinct programs of study for our graduate students. We also offer two additional dual degrees that can be obtained in conjunction with a degree in Statistics.

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The statistics program provides students with a strong foundation in statistics and the broad skills to prepare them for advanced study in statistics or employment in industry and government.

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Online Programs

Choose the online Applied Statistics Graduate Program that fulfills your goals. Penn State World Campus offers both an online master's degree and a graduate certificate in applied statistics.

The demand for trained statisticians continues to increase as the world becomes more dependent on predictive data and numerical reasoning. With a Master of Applied Statistics degree you can advance your career in almost any field, including education, science, technology, health care, government, or business.



The Statistical Consulting Center

The SCC provides statistical advise and support for Penn State researchers, members of industry and government in the areas of: Research Planning, Design of Experiments and Survey Sampling, Statistical Modeling and Analysis, Analysis Results Interpretation, Advice

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CTSI Consulting Center

CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Center offers one-stop service for researchers who need study design, biostatistical and data management expertise. We provide Penn State researchers with a full range of biostatistical expertise and service.

Center for Astrostatistics

The Center serves as a crossroads where researchers at the interfaces between statistics, data analysis, astronomy, space and observational physics collaborate, develop and share methodologies, and together prepare the next generation of researchers.

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Statistics names Murali Haran the new Department Head.
Statistics and the future of the Antarctic ice sheet

How do scientists study climate, and how do they make projections about future climate? What is the role that statistics plays in climate science? Murali Haran provides answers to these questions.

Ephraim Hanks.

Ephraim Hanks examines animal movement GPS data and how they define population-level structure, connectivity, and fitness.

Understanding wildlife connectivity and disease spread through GPS tracking