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Sakshi Arya

Eberly Research Fellow; Postdoctoral Researcher
Sakshi Arya

Sakshi Arya is an Eberly Fellow and Postdoctoral Researcher at Penn State.

Arya received her PhD in Statistics from University of Minnesota in 2020. She received her MS in Mathematics from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in 2014, and a BS in Mathematics from University of Delhi in 2012.

Arya's primary research area is sequential decision making. In particular, she has devised algorithms for contextual bandit problems using nonparametric estimation tools and established theoretical guarantees on the performance of these algorithms. More broadly, she is interested in building the necessary statistical methodology for solving problems using nonparametric tools of estimation. She is currently working on problems related to spatio-temporal analysis for climate modeling.

Arya currently serves as a Postdoctoral Associate at University of Minnesota, where she is working with Prof. Ansu Chatterjee. She will join Penn State as an Eberly postdoctoral fellow in 2021.



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