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Nimisha Thakur

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Nimisha Thakur


Nimisha Thakur joined the Department of Statistics in the beginning of Fall 2020 semester as an Undergraduate Academic Advisor. Nimisha manages undergraduate advising for students majoring or minoring in Statistics, as well as  Data Sciences with the Statistical Modeling option.

She brings a decade of experience working with students at Penn State. Prior to starting her position in the department, she has served in different advising roles at the University- Education Abroad, College of the Liberal Arts and Office of Science Engagement. Nimisha is passionate about working with students, helping them find meaning in their academic journey at Penn State by combining their goals, passions and interests.
Nimisha came to the United States as an international student from India, hoping to save the regal palaces of India. Of course it didn’t pan out as she planned. Nimisha believes in the power of serendipity when finding one’s career path.  She encourages her students to be open minded and be willing to fail.
Outside of work, you can find Nimisha experimenting with new dishes in her kitchen, spending time with her family and running on beautiful trails around Happy Valley.