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Lynn Lin

Assistant Professor
Lynn Lin


Lynn Lin is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Penn State.

She completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University in July 2012.

Lin works on developing statistical, machine learning methods and computational tools for large-scale and high-dimensional data exploration and analysis to facilitate efficient data-driven scientific discoveries.

Before coming to Penn State, she was a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Raphael Gottardo at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington.


Honors and Awards

Mitchell Prize by the International Society of Bayesian Analysis, 2016



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STAT 461 - Analysis of Variance, Spring 2016, Fall 2018

STAT 501 - Regression Methods, Spring 2016, 2017

STAT 597 - Bayesian Studies, Spring 2017, Fall 2018

STAT 500 - Applied Statistics, Fall 2017

STAT 200 - Elementary Statistics, Fall 2017