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Assistant Research Professor
Daisy Philtron


Daisy Philtron is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Statistics at Penn State.

Philtron received her PhD in Statistics from the Pennsylvania State University in 2014, and her masters in mathematics from Western Washington University in 2009.

Philtron's research interests include Bayesian modeling of genetic data, problems in multiple comparisons, and statistics education. She is currently working to identify genetic modifiers of Parkinson's disease as part of a collaborative effort with the Gladstone Institutes. She is also studying implementation of simulation based inference curriculum in large lecture classrooms.

Philtron has been on the Penn State faculty since 2015. She has worked to coordinate and change the curriculum of the statistics department's largest enrollment class, Stat 200.


Honors and Awards

  • Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship, American Statistical Association (2013)
  • Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award (2013)
  • Eberly College of Science Endowed Innovative Teaching Award in Statistics (2013)



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