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Course Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

Making decisions about your major can be challenging.  Taking a moment to explore the program goals and objectives can help you in this process.  Program goals show you what the department’s ambitions for your learning are.  The program objectives provide a means for the department to help students attain the program goals.

Similarly, choosing classes can be challenging.  Most students default to what their advisor tells them to take for on-time graduation.  There are times when you have the freedom to make choices or take classes you’re interested in.  Catalog descriptions of courses tend to be short, dry, and not useful.  However, course goals and objectives can help you get a better feel for a particular class.  Course goals are what the department aims for students to get out of the course in terms of understandings, attitudes, and knowledge.  Course objectives help identify the skill sets the faculty believe are necessary to support your growth in the course.


STAT 200 - Elementary Statistics

STAT 240 - Introduction to Biometry

STAT 318 - Elementary Probability

STAT 414 - Introduction to Probability Theory

STAT 415 - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

STAT 416 - Stochastic Modeling

STAT 418 - Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineering

STAT 461 - Analysis of Variance

STAT 462 - Applied Regression Analysis

STAT 463 - Applied Regression Analysis