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The Eberly College of Science
Office of Communications
Communications Office

In the Office of Communications, we promote the Eberly College of Science through marketing and communications materials and campaigns. Our mission is to share news of our scientists’ research discoveries and their impact, promote the high quality of our undergraduate- and graduate-level teaching and learning, and reinforce the value of science in the communities we serve in Pennsylvania and around the world.


We work with scientists to write news releases that increase the public’s knowledge of the discoveries being made every day in the Eberly College of Science. Our writers are skilled communicators who have a knack for turning the esoteric technical complexity of science into clear language that people of all backgrounds can relate to; this can be in the form of news releases for the media, feature stories for our signature publication — the Science Journal — or general announcements like faculty awards or achievements or events on the web.

We work with subject matter experts to promote Eberly Science’s expertise in research and education to a variety of audiences, including current and future students and their families, our college’s alumni, and peer institutions and researchers around the world. We carefully examine the information needs of these audiences and integrate targeted message and marketing channels to reach our fans and followers in the ways they find most compelling and meaningful; this can be through social media, web content, brochures, merchandise, posters and signage, and a number of other marketing and communications vehicles.

We produce visually attractive media that communicate our science, the college’s culture, and the impact of the research and education being done at the Eberly College of Science. These come in the form of graphic design, photography, videography, digital animation, and web content — all of which amplify the Penn State brand in harmony with the University’s visual and editorial standards.

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Common Marketing Communications Materials

  • Visual Identity Standards
  • Editorial Style Guide
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Our Team

Director: Joel Ranck

Science Writers:
Gail McCormick
Sam Sholtis

Marketing and Public Relations:
Seth Palmer
Jennifer Dong

Creative Services:
Nate Follmer
Steven Smith
Dani Zemba

Contact Us
Office of Communications
428 Thomas Building
University Park, 16802
Tel: 814-865-7729