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Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics
Kenneth O'Hara


Ph.D. Physics, Duke University (2000).
M.S. Physics, Duke University (1997).
B.S. Physics (magna cum laude), University of Notre Dame (1994).

Honors and Awards

  • National Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowship (2002).
  • Fritz London Graduate Fellowship (1998-1999).
  • Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (1996-2011).

Selected Publications

  1. Hazlett, Eric L., Yi Zhang, Ronald W. Stites, Kurt Gibble, and Kenneth M. O'Hara. "S-Wave Collisional Frequency Shift of a Fermion Clock." Physical Review Letters 110 (2013): 160801.
  2. Hazlett, E. L., Yi Zhang, R. W. Stites, and K. M. O’Hara. "Realization of a resonant Fermi gas with a large effective range." Physical Review Letters 108, no. 4 (2012): 045304.
  3. Huckans, J. H., J. R. Williams, E. L. Hazlett, R. W. Stites, and K. M. O’Hara. "Three-body recombination in a three-state Fermi gas with widely tunable interactions." Physical Review Letters102, no. 16 (2009): 165302.
  4. Williams, J. R., E. L. Hazlett, J. H. Huckans, R. W. Stites, Y. Zhang, and K. M. O’Hara. "Evidence for an excited-state Efimov trimer in a three-component Fermi gas." Physical Review Letters 103, no. 13 (2009): 130404.
  5. Fertig, C. D., K. M. O’hara, J. H. Huckans, S. L. Rolston, W. D. Phillips, and J. V. Porto. "Strongly inhibited transport of a degenerate 1D Bose gas in a lattice." Physical Review Letters 94, no. 12 (2005): 120403.
  6. Tolra, B. Laburthe, K. M. O’hara, J. H. Huckans, W. D. Phillips, S. L. Rolston, and J. V. Porto. "Observation of reduced three-body recombination in a correlated 1D degenerate Bose gas." Physical Review Letters 92, no. 19 (2004): 190401.
  7. Granade, S. R., M. E. Gehm, K. M. O'Hara, and JEl Thomas. "All-optical production of a degenerate Fermi gas." Physical Review Letters 88, no. 12 (2002): 120405.
  8. O'hara, K. M., S. L. Hemmer, M. E. Gehm, S. R. Granade, and J. E. Thomas. "Observation of a strongly interacting degenerate Fermi gas of atoms." Science 298, no. 5601 (2002): 2179-2182.

Research Interests

    I am generally interested in the use of ultracold atomic gases to study many-body phenomena.

    I am currently building an experimental apparatus to study fermionic atoms confined in an optical lattice potential. This system provides an exciting opportunity for studies of strongly-correlated fermions in a highly adaptable and precisely controllable environment. The hope is that this research will provide some insight into fundamental many-body problems of interest in condensed matter physics.

    If this research interests you, I encourage you to inquire about joining my group. I am currently looking for motivated graduate students and a post-doctoral research associate to take part in this project.