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Graduate Courses

Fall 2019 Graduate Courses


Course Title


PHYS 510

General Relativity I

A. Ashtekar

PHYS 512

Quantum Theory of Solids I

C.-X. Liu

PHYS 524

Physics of Semiconductors and Devices

Not offered

PHYS 525

Methods of Theoretical Physics I

J. Sofo

PHYS 527

Computational Physics and Astrophysics

D. Radice

PHYS 530

Theoretical Mechanics

M. Mostafa

PHYS 542

Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics

K. Murase

PHYS 545


Not offered

PHYS 559

Graduate Laboratory

M. Terrones

PHYS 561

Quantum Mechanics I

I. Mocioiu

PHYS 563

Quantum Field Theory I

R. Roiban

PHYS 580

Elements of Network Science and Its Applications

R. Albert

PHYS 590


K. Gibble

Course times and locations can be found at the Schedule of Courses.