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Tombros Fellows Program

Tombros Fellows Program in the Center For Excellence in Science Education.

The Tombros Fellows program is intended to encourage and foster the development and implementation of innovative teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, and new courses in the Eberly College of Science.


Project Title: Amplifying Active Learning Strategies in Calculus Through Focus in Metacognition and Two Generative Processing Strategies
Fellows: Dr. Eric Simring, Dr. Andrew Baxter, & Amine Benkiran
Department: Mathematics


Project Title: Comprehensive Assessment of Learning Outcomes for the Undergraduate Statistics Major
Fellow: Dr. Matthew Beckman
Department: Statistics


Project Title: Developing “CHEM 110H: Constructing Molecular Models” An Experiment-First Freshman Chemistry Course
Fellow: Dr. Philip Bevilacqua
Department: Chemistry


Project Title: Fast Farming: An Integrated Undergraduate Science Education and Research Program for Sustainable Agriculture at Penn State
Fellow: Dr. Charles T. Anderson
Department: Biology


Project Title: Revamp STAT 250: Introduction to Biostatistics
Fellow: Dr. Kari Lock-Morgan
Department: Statistics


(Office of Digital Learning Fellow)

Project Title: Online Introductory Physics with Active Hands-on Laboratories
Fellow: Dr. Louis Leblond
Department: Physics


Project Title: Development of tools to encourage the growth and effective use of the Learning Assistant (LA) program across Eberly College and specifically within the BMB Department
Fellow: Dr. Meredith Defelice
Department: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Project Title: Infusing Physics Education Research (PER) in the Introductory Physics Course Sequence
Fellow: Dr. Steven Van Hook
Department: Physics


Project Title: Integrating Research and Learning
Fellows: Dr. Ken Keiler & Dr. Sarah Ades
Department: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology