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New gravity waves hit Earth after record-breaking trip through space

Gravitational waves produced by the birth of a massive black hole, a record-breaking billions of light-years from Earth, have been detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). The waves were generated when two smaller black holes collided and then merged to form a larger black hole with a mass about fifty times larger than our sun's.

Read more about the new gravity waves discovery here.

Ayusman Sen recieves Humboldt Research Award (28 May 2019)

Adding a carbon atom transforms 2D semiconducting material (24 May 2019)

Penn State student Taylor Baum receives PennACE Student of the Year Award (21 May 2019)

All four Penn State Goldwater candidates earn scholarships (17 May 2019)

New drug could help treat neonatal seizures (15 May 2019)

Gravitational forces in protoplanetary disks may push super-Earths close to their stars (9 May 2019)

“Hey! I got a question about that” A new podcast/video series from the Eberly College of Science (9 May 2019)

Student entrepreneur takes blood tests from the waiting room to the living room (7 May 2019)

LIGO and Virgo Detect Neutron Star Smash-Ups (2 May 2019)

Alumna Laura Russo receives Robert May Prize from the British Ecological Society (2 May 2019)

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