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A list of all stories announcing books written by or about Eberly College of Science faculty since 1997
Book on Statistics in Astronomy Wins PROSE Award for Cosmology and Astronomy
16 January 2014Penn State University scientists Eric Feigelson and G. Jogesh Babu have been awarded the American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) in cosmology and astronomy for their book Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy with R Applications. The book is published by Cambridge University Press. The PROSE award was established in 1976 to recognize the best in scholarly publishing as judged by publishers, librarians, and academics. The award was announced in an event held in Washington D.C. during 2013.
A Course in Metric Geometry Wins Prize for Mathematical Exposition
16 January 2014Dimitri (Dima) Burago, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University, and two co-authors, Yuri Burago and Sergei Ivanov, have been awarded the Leroy P. Steel Prize for Mathematical Exposition by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for their book A Course in Metric Geometry. The AMS recognized the book for making available a novel approach to differential geometry. It makes a significant contribution to modern geometry by offering a description-based, intuitive method as an alternative to traditional, computation-heavy techniques. The book was published by the AMS in 2001.
Litvin Publishes Electronic Resource Book in Crystallography
10 December 2013Daniel B. Litvin, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Penn State, has authored a new book, titled Magnetic Group Tables: 1-, 2-, and 3-Dimensinal Magnetic Subperiodic Groups and Magnetic Space Groups, which has been published as an electronic book by the International Union of Crystallography.
New Book: The Animal Connection — A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human
05 July 2011"The Animal Connection," a new book by Pat Shipman, a Penn State paleoanthropologist, presents the groundbreaking new idea that humans' connection to other animal species may be the driving force behind the last 2.6 million years of human evolution. Reviewers have hailed the book, calling it "a work of extraordinarily broad scholarship" and saying that "animal lovers and readers who are interested in human psychology will not be able to put this fascinating book down."
Book on Ape Evolution Wins W. W. Howells Award
28 September 2009  
New "Timetree of Life" Initiative Illuminates the Antiquity of Life on Earth
10 June 2009Beginning this week, scientists and non-scientists now have easy access to information about when living species and their ancestors originated, information that previously was difficult to find or inaccessible.
New Book Uses Physical Reasoning to Solve Mathematical Problems
22 April 2009  
Allcock Publishes New Materials Chemistry Textbook
07 October 2008  
Biography of Mata Hari Reveals New Information, Casts Doubt on Her Execution for Espionage
23 July 2007  
Exotic State of Matter Described in New Physics Text by Jainendra K. Jain
07 March 2007  
Ashtekar to Speak on Advances in Relativity Research and His New Book at Penn State Bookstore on 28 February 2006
26 February 2006  
Rao and Fedoroff Among Notable Faces of Science
21 September 2005  

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