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Prehealth Services for Alumni

Applying to the health professions as an alum?

Past PSU applicants have found that it can be extremely beneficial to take a "Gap Year" or more in order to finish prerequisite courses, gain essential experiences and exposures to health care, conduct research, participate in volunteer programs, or work full-time in another industry altogether.

Alumni of Penn State are welcome to utilize the services of the Pre-Health Advising Center. We are happy to meet with alums through in-person appointments, over the phone, or via Zoom to provide advice and support to individuals considering a health career. Alumni may also use our e-portfolio and letter collection services, and apply for our letter packet at any time after graduating from Penn State.


We want to assist alumni with understanding:

  • Information about health profession prerequisites and expectations.
  • The demands of a health professions degree.
  • The keys to being a successful health professional school applicant.
  • Relevant courses and experiences that strengthen their application.
  • Application assistance and candidacy evaluation.
  • Comprehensive Interview and Cover Letter for health professions applicants.


If you are a graduate of Penn State and interested in applying to a Health Professions program, please email one of us at or call 814-865-7620 to schedule an appointment. You may also attend our virtual group advising sessions

For more information on how to obtain a cover letter and comprehensive interview, please visit this page