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Premedicine Major

Health Professions Group Advising

Health Professions Group Advising Sessions

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, our advisers offer a series of prehealth advising sessions. Students considering medical, dental, podiatry, and physician assistant professions must attend a "Health Professions Overview", "E-portfolio Overview", "Dent Prep" or "PA Prep" group advising session (live or recorded) prior to meeting one-on-one with PreHealth Advising.

No registration is required.





Prehealth Group Advising Zoom Room:

All Group Advising Sessions will be held remotely, except where noted. Scroll down to view the dates and times of each session.

Note: The Zoom link for all of our sessions is typically the same, unless we will be doing group discussions, in which case we may choose to use a different zoom space. Any Penn State student or alumnus is welcome to attend each session.




Our Prehealth Group Advising sessions are recorded and stored within our Prehealth Group Advising Canvas page. Current students and alumni can request access to the page here

The sessions listed below are just a portion of the sessions our office offers. Please see our Canvas page for a full list of recorded sessions and their associated resources. 




Intended for first and second year students who are beginning to prepare themselves for their healthcare careers.

  • Health Professions Overview*
  • Penn State College of Medicine Information Session*
  • Anatomy of an Applicant (Part 1)*
  • The Color of Care*
  • Midpoint Check-UP Workshop*
  • Professionalism*
  • ARMY sponsored "Stop the Bleed" training*
  • Being a First-Generation Pre-Health Student*
  • Health Professions Scholarship Program (ARMY)*
  • PA Prep*
  • Dent Prep*
  • Black Men in White Coats Viewing and Discussion*
  • Planning for a Gap Year*
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Tell Me About Yourself*
  • Focus On: Geriatrics*
  • Health Professions Portfolio Overview*
  • Focus On: Emergency Medicine with Dr. Lewis*

*Session has passed. Please visit our Canvas page to view the recording and access resources associated with this session.




Intended for students who are preparing to apply in the upcoming application cycle. These are higher level sessions and not appropriate for students who have not engaged with our foundational sessions. Students who have completed previous sessions of Med Prep or PA Prep are able to attend these sessions without working back through the foundations sessions.

Fall Sessions

  • The Color of Care*
  • Application Year Kickoff*
  • ARMY sponsored "Stop the Bleed" training*
  • Health Professions Scholarship Program (ARMY)*
  • Planning Your Application Year - PA Applications*

Spring Sessions

  • Health Professions Portfolio and Comprehensive Interview Overview*
  • Current Applicant Check-In (CYMS Tool, Letters of Intent, What next?)*
  • Army Skills Clinic (Suturing Clinic)*
  • Mock MCAT*
  • Penn State College of Medicine Information Session*
  • What is an MD/PhD? Current and Accepted MD/PhD Student Panel*
  • Demystifying the Application Cycle and Accepted Student Panel*
  • Make Your Identity Your Superpower in the Application Process*
  • AMCAS & AACOMAS Overview (MD/DO)*
  • Liaison Application Services Overview (Optometry, PA, Podiatry, Pharmacy)*
  • MD/PhD Program Director Panel*
  • Mock MMI Night*
  • NIH IRTA Panel*
  • Personal Statement Workshop*
  • Health Professions Interviewing Workshop with Medical and Dental Students*
  • Accepted Student Celebration*
  • Focus On: Emergency Medicine with Dr. Lewis*
  • SJT CASPer and PREview Overview - May 24 @ 2PM

*Session has passed. Please visit our Canvas page to view the recording and access resources associated with this session.