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Microbiology is an ideal field of study for students interested in genetic engineering, bioremediation, immunology, or commercial development of microbial products, or for those who would like to address fundamental questions of genetics and molecular biology most easily studied in bacterial and viral systems. Many course offerings relate to human health, including immunology, general virology, viral pathogenesis, tumor virology, and medical microbiology. The curriculum also prepares students for positions in research or in the pharmaceutical industry, or for graduate and professional schools.

Microbiology Major: Microbiology is a basic science!  Some would even say microbes run the world!  Did you know that the greatest genetic diversity in the living world occurs among the microbes?  If these are not enough reasons to choose Microbiology as a major, consider that the discipline includes the fields of immunology and virology as well as bacteriology.  Whether it is tackling questions about the molecular biology of viral replication inside a living cell, or how the body is able to defend itself against foreign agents, or how bacteria establish associations with plant, animal or human hosts to create biofilms, Microbiology is the discipline that covers all these topics and more.  Advanced courses in the major include such areas as viral pathogenesis, tumor viruses and oncogenes, microbial diversity, as well as applied areas of industrial and food microbiology.  Graduates of the major are well-prepared for graduate and professional schools and for assuming positions in the biopharmaceutical industry

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