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Eberly College of Science Event
CEHW Seminar: Interstellar inheritance of primitive bodies in the solar system
Add to Calendar 2020-03-30T16:10:00 2020-03-30T17:20:00 UTC CEHW Seminar: Interstellar inheritance of primitive bodies in the solar system Davey Laboratory (538)
Start DateMon, Mar 30, 2020
12:10 PM
End DateMon, Mar 30, 2020
1:20 PM
Presented By
Stefanie Milam (Goddard)

Abstract:  The isotopic enrichments measured in volatile primitive materials probably had their origin in low-temperature (10K) chemistry similar to that found in molecular clouds. This has led to the proposal, supported by theory, that these anomalies derived their heritage from the prestellar period. Previous ground- and space-based observations of small bodies, recent Rosetta results, as well as laboratory measurements of cometary material obtained from Stardust and other primitive materials, suggest that small bodies, contain a mixture of the products from both interstellar and nebular chemistries. A major observational challenge in cometary science is to quantify the extent to which chemical compounds, including complex organics, can be linked to either reservoir and what the native molecular complexity is within a comet. As technology and new facilities come onboard, we are carefully considering ways to remotely detect the complex species identified in situ and in returned samples. This presentation will include new observations with ALMA and other facilities and plans for future facilities, such as JWST.  Implications for delivery of organics and prebiotic species from comets will also be discussed.

Host:  Jason Wright