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Rainbow Science Network

Member Research Groups

Name Department Research area
Jane Charlton Astronomy and Astrophysics Quasars and galaxy evolution; Astronomy teaching through video games.
Ian Czekala Astronomy and Astrophyics Studies planet formation using radio telescopes.
Rebekah Dawson Astronomy and Astrophysics Formation and evolution of planetary systems.
Abraham Falcone Astronomy and Astrophysics High Energy Astrophysics, with specialization in space instrumentation, active galactic nuclei, and gamma ray bursts.
Fabien Grise Astronomy and Astrophysics Specializes in space-borne spectrographs for high-energy astrophysical observations.
Suvrath Mahadevan Astronomy and Astrophysics Discovering strange new worlds.
Randall McEntaffer Astronomy and Astrophysics Specializes in space-borne spectrographs for high-energy astrophysical observations.
Robert Morehead Astronomy and Astrophysics General astronomy education and public engagement with science. Academic advising for Astronomy & Astrophysics.
James Tutt Astronomy and Astrophysics Specializes in space-borne spectrographs for high-energy astrophysical observations.
Jason Wright Astronomy and Astrophysics Exoplanets, stellar astrophysics, search for life in the universe.
Wendy Hanna-Rose Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Metabolism and developmental biology.
Cheryl Keller Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Genomics and gene regulation.
Scott Lindner Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Investigates the transmission of malaria parasites to and from mosquitoes.
Melissa Rolls Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Neuronal cell biology.
Emily Weinert Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Investigates the molecular pathways by which bacteria sense and respond to the environment.
Charles Anderson Biology Studies the dynamics of plant cell walls in the context of sustainability.
Sarah Assmann Biology Plant biology.
Nikki Crowley Biology Investigates the signaling molecules and neuro circuits underlying substance misuse.
Emily Davenport Biology Host - microbiome interactions.
Christian Huber Biology Population genetics and analysis of ancient DNA.
Janine Kwapis Biology Studies the neurobiology of learning and memory.
Lauren McCarthy Biology Coordinates and teaches undergraduate introductory biology courses, teaches a diversity in STEMM course, and supervises teaching assistants in biology labs.
Elizabeth McGraw Biology Studies mosquito:virus:symbiont interactions with potential applications in vector borne disease control.
Steve Schaeffer Biology Genome evolution in the fruit fly Drosophila pseudoobscura.
Moriah Szpara Biology Utilizes comparative genomics in combination with clinical & lab-based studies, to investigate how viral genetic diversity impacts the outcomes of chronic infection.
Zachary Szpiech Biology Population genetics.
Claire Thomas Biology Cell and Developmental Biology: The role of the actin cytoskeleton in epithelial polarity.
John Waters Biology Coordinates and teaches anatomy & physiology undergraduate courses, and supervises graduate assistants assigned to teach in laboratory classrooms.
Philip Bevilacqua Chemistry RNA chemistry and biology.
David Boehr Chemistry Studies the biochemistry and biophysics of enzymes important for bacteria and viruses.
Julie Fenton Chemistry Synthetic materials chemistry.
Chris Keating Chemistry Colloid and interface science.
Jonathan Kuo Chemistry Organometallic chemistry.
Benjamin Lear Chemistry Physical inorganic/materials chemistry.
Stewart Mallory Chemistry Uses computer simulation and theory to establish design principles for the next generation of soft active materials.
Eric Nacsa Chemistry Organic chemistry.
Scott Showalter Chemistry Structural biology applied to eukaryotic gene regulation.
Susan Sinnott Chemistry Computational materials science.
Ruobo Zhou Chemistry Develops and applies physical, chemical, and engineering approaches to study living systems and biological processes involved in basic cell functions as well as in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.
Nate Brown Math Equity in STEM education.
Kirsten Eisentraeger Math Number theory and arithmetic geometry with applications to cryptography.
Diane Henderson Math Mathematics applied to experiments and observations of water waves or other fluid mechanics systems.
John Lesieutre Math Studies algebraic geometry, the study of solutions of systems of polynomial equations.
Carmen Carmona Benitez Physics Experimental Particle Astrophysics; Dark Matter; Neutrino Physics.
Zhen Bi Physics Theoretical condensed matter physics.
Jacob Bourjaily Physics Quantum field theory.
Doug Cowen Physics Experimental Particle Astrophysics; Neutrino Physics.
Eric Hudson Physics Experimental condensed matter physics.
Louis Leblond Physics Coordinates and teaches physics courses and focuses on physics research.
Nitin Samarth Physics Quantum materials and quantum information.
Sarah Shandera Physics Theorist studying questions in high energy physics, gravity, and cosmology.
Jorge Sofo Physics Theoretical and computational studies of condensed matter systems.
Luiz de Viveiros Physics Neurtrinos, Dark Matter and Particle Astrophysics
Helen Greatrex Statistics Geography and spatial statistics, weather hazards and risk.
Neil Hatfield Statistics Studies how people think about and develop their understandings of foundational ideas in statistics and mathematic (Statistics/Mathematics Education).
John Hughes Statistics Methods for high-dimensional dependent data, Bayesian methods, and statistical computing.