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Diversity Initiatives

Hispanic Heritage Month

Luiz de Viveiros for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Luiz de Viveiros

Title: Assistant Professor of Physics

Degrees: Ph.D., Physics, Brown University (2010); B.A., Clark University (2001)

Connect: LinkedIn


What motivates you to do science?

I have devoted my research to trying to answer one of the "big questions" in science: What is the universe made of? My research focuses on neutrinos (the most abundant known massive particle in the universe) and the search for dark matter (the unknown stuff that makes up more than 80 percent of the matter in the universe).


What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

It's a time to reconnect with my culture and connect with the people who share this culture with me. It's a reminder that I am not alone here, that we are here and we are together.