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Science Scholarship

Science Dean's Scholarship Program

Science Dean's Scholarship Program (SDS) for math and science students in the Penn State 2+2 program, who are changing campus to University Park.

The Science Dean's Scholarship program provides Eberly College of Science students with a scholarship and program activities that are designed to support, welcome, and address the needs of math and science students who change from one of Penn State's nineteen campuses to University Park in their junior year. 

Additional information about undergraduate majors in the Eberly College of Science can be found at the following link:

Accepted students are matched with peer mentors, a transition adviser, and enjoy program activities that provide them with opportunities to learn more about University Park resources and career options.

The scholarship awards range from $2,000 - $4,000 per year at University Park, based on eligibility and financial need and as long as the student continues to make progress toward a science or math degree at Penn State.

Program participants are also highly encouraged to participate in our two-week summer bridge program, which will be held virtually over half-days during the first two weeks in August 2021. The summer bridge will help introduce you to other students in the program, peer mentors, research faculty and academic advisers as well as offer opportunities for you to learn more about graduate programs, research opportunities, health professions, and more! 

The program includes a fall semester one-credit seminar course for juniors focusing on academic and professional development as well as other social and professional programming throughout the school year. 

All students who are eligible to change location from another Penn State campus to University Park to complete a math or science degree in the Eberly College of Science may apply for this scholarship.  Please see the college entrance to major and change-of-assignment requirements for more information.  

Our college goal is to be inclusive: we encourage students of all backgrounds to apply for this scholarship.

The application for the fall 2021 cohort is now available at
2021 SDSApplication

2021 Application deadline: March 1, 2021

For more information about the program and eligibility requirements, contact Dr. Adrianne Vasey, Science Dean's Scholarship (SDS) Program Director, at