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COVID-19 Contingency Resources

Online Learning

For Students:

New to taking a class remotely? Visit

If you experience difficulty with your technology in your courses, please report it via the link on or to your instructor. We will assist anyone experience issues when they are reported. It is important that you report any issues sooner rather than later in order to not let technology issues stand in the way of your remote learning experience.

Penn State Learning online tutoring:

What's the difference between remote learning and what you have been used to?

For Penn State, the term remote learning/teaching is used to distinguish from online learning/teaching in the following ways. Remote teaching and learning occurs when a course which was designed and planned for in-class delivery is being shifted temporarily to synchronous delivery using a limited set of tools. Online teaching and learning, including fully online or hybrid/blended courses, occurs when a course was designed for all or parts of the course to be delivered with a range of tools and interactions that support the engagement with content, instructors, and peers.

Information for online learners that will be useful even during our remote learning period:


For Graduate Research and Support


For Faculty:

Need to get your course online? Visit the Eberly College of Science Office of Digital Learning

The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) also has a contingency planning resource page with:

  • helpful videos
  • FAQ
  • Getting Started tips

Need help now book an appointment with ODL 

For more information and resources for Contingency Planning for Undergraduate Education at Penn State visit Web Learning @ Penn State