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Varun Mandalaparthy

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Varun Mandalaparthy
Varun Mandalaparthy

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B.Sc (Hons) degree in Chemistry from St Stephen’s University, New Delhi (2014) 

M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) (2016). 

Joined the Noid lab at PSU as a graduate student in 2017.


Currently serving as the Secretary of the Chem GSA.


In the Fall of 2018, he won the $4k award for adding modules describing reaction mechanisms to CHEM213W.

Awarded a $400 travel grant from the Dalalian Scholarship Fund in Spring 2019 to present research at the Proteins Gordon Research Conference


Varun's Master's Thesis under Dr. B. Jayaram focussed on the computational study of protein folding thermodynamics. After his Master's, Varun worked with Dr. Shachi Gosavi at NCBS, Bangalore for a year on coarse-grained protein simulations and consensus-based protein design.

At PSU, Varun works on studying the effects of osmolytes on interfaces using simple Regular Solution Theory based frameworks.


DasGupta, D.; Mandalaparthy, V.; Jayaram, B. A Component Analysis of the Free Energies of Folding of 35 Proteins: A Consensus View on the Thermodynamics of Folding at the Molecular Level. J. Comput. Chem. 201738 (32), 2791–2801

Mandalaparthy, V.; Sanaboyana, V. R.; Rafalia, H.; Gosavi, S. Exploring the Effects of Sparse Restraints on Protein Structure Prediction. Proteins Struct. Funct. Bioinforma. 201886 (2), 248–262.