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Department of Chemistry
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Science Without Barriers

The chemistry graduate program at Penn State is designed to give students an educational experience unlike any other. Our innovative lab rotation program gives students the chance to explore research across the department in a collaborative and supportive environment.


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Megan Matthews
Alumni Spotlight: Megan Matthews, '11

"Penn State gave me what I needed to succeed when, at the time, I felt like I was taking a big risk. The collaborative culture at PSU was exactly what I was looking for in my graduate experience. Students learn together, work hard together, and, most importantly, having fun throughout our graduate careers in and outside of lab. The combination creates a team-based culture that opens endless opportunities...The department is spot on in terms of knowing how to create an inclusive culture that truly defines everyone as equals.”


"I’ve had life changing experiences at Penn State. This is a really supportive environment; you don’t realize until you’re in graduate school how much you need those supportive people on tough days. I’ve found that supportive group here."

Graduate Student Highlight: Santina Cruz